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Lecture on Hydroponic SAMETI Trainees

A two days training on Hydroponic fodder production technology is organised by SAMETI , Goa on 30th and 31st May 2018. Dr.Udharwar Sanjaykumar , SMS (Animal Science) gave lecture on low cost hydroponic fodder production technology and practically demonstrated all the detail procedure of growing of hydroponic maize fodder. Dr.E.B. Chakurkar ,Director ICAR CCARI interacted with the participants and advised importance and advantages of feeding of hydroponic fodder to dairy cattle .Total of 25 Dairy Cooperative Society Chairman and members from various parts of Goa participated in the training. Training is organised by SAMETI in collaboration with Department of Animal Husbandry , Goa Dairy and ICAR - KVK North Goa , ICAR CCARI Goa.

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