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Traning on feeding of bypass fat

A one day training on “Importance of feeding of bypass fat in dairy cattle “was organised at Ibrampur Village by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, ICAR –CCARI, Old Goa on 04th October 2017. Dr. Udharwar Sanjaykumar, SMS (Animal Science ) has given information on importance of feeding of bypass fat in dairy cattle Bypass fat should be feed @15-20 gram / litre of milk yield / day from calving to four months of post calving. Feeding of bypass fat to the lactating dairy animals increases milk fat percentage (0.5 to 1%) , milk yield ( 10-20%)and improves overall conception rate. Total of 19 dairy farmers of Shri Sateri Dairy cooperative Society Ibrampur participated in this training programme. Bypass fat bags and chelated mineral mixture packets are given to 5 dairy farmers to feed total of 10 animals @ 2 animals / location under Frontline demonstration.

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