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Training on Importance of Deworming in cattle at Ibrampur village

Dr. Udharwar Sanjaykumar, SMS (Animal Science) explained different types of internal worms which causes damage to the body and importance of deworming in dairy cattle. There are three types of internal parasites in the body I.e. Roundworms, Tapeworms and liver flukes. Once animals suffers with internal worms, both production and body condition of animals goes down. This effect is more in calves hence deworming schedule should be followed strictly. Calves should be dewormed at the age of 1 month and later on deworming should carried out every month up to six months age later on once in every 3 months / year. A One day off campus training on “Importance of deworming in Dairy animals“ was conducted at Ibrampur Village on 08/06/2017 Total of 15 Dairy farmers of Ibrampur village were participated in this training programme.

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