Name : Sepiella inermis

Class : Cephalopoda

Order : Sepiida

Family : Sepiidae

Description :

Mantle oblong and the Posterior gland and gland pore reddish pigmented. Arm suckers tetraserial. Hectocotylus present on left ventral arm: 10 rows of reduced suckers proximally. Club with 12 to 24 suckers in transverse rows (very variable depending upon geographic area). Swimming keel of club slightly shorter than carpus; dorsal and ventral protective membranes not joined at base of club; extend proximal to carpus along stalk as low ridges.


Maximum length: 11.2 cm (ML), common length: 7-10 cm (ML)


Feeds on small benthic fishes and crustaceans


It is marketed in fresh and frozen forms. A sizeable quantity is exported


Trawl, gillnet