Name : Gerres oyena

Class : Actinopterygii

Order : Perciformes

Family : Gerreidae

Description :

Body silvery with 6-8 irregular, faint dusky oblique and vertical bands dorsolaterally and ventrolaterally. U-shaped premaxilla groove mostly without scales. Posterior margin of maxillary beyond a vertical through anterior margin of pupil. Pelvic fin when fresh is semi-transparent or dull yellow color with an indistinct dusky band and dull white distal margin posteriorly; pectoral fins reaches beyond level of anus; caudal fin forked deeply and with long lobes


Maximum length: 20.4 cm (TL), common length: 14-16 cm (TL)


Feeds on small organisms living on sandy bottom


Marketed fresh and chilled. It is also dried-salted


Gillnet, cast net, drag net