Name : Gerres limbatus

Class : Actinopterygii

Order : Perciformes

Family : Gerreidae

Description :

Second anal fin spine more robust than 3rd. Premaxillary groove without scales. Posterior margin of maxilla beyond a vertical through anterior margin of inner dermal eye opening. Dorsal fin faint yellowish, with a dark patch on tip of spinous portion above a line running from middle of second dorsal spine to tip of 6th dorsal spine (rarely broader or otherwise indistinct with growth). Caudal fin pale yellow (often with a dusky trailing edge). Anal fin with anterior half yellow or dull orange, posterior whitish hyaline (Rarely dusky).


Maximum length: 13.6 cm (TL), common length: 10-12 cm (TL)


Feeds on small animals living on mud-sand bottoms


Marketed fresh and chilled. It is also dried-salted


Gillnet, cast net, drag net