Name : Penaeus monodon

Class : Malacostraca

Order : Decapoda

Family : Penaeidae

Description :

Carapace smooth. Nostrum armed with 7 or 8 teeth on dorsal, and 3 or 4 (rarely 2) teeth on ventral margin; adrostral crest and groove extending as far as, or slightly ahead, of epigastric tooth; postrostral crest well developed, almost reaching posterior margin of carapace, with or without a feeble median groove; gastrofrontal crest absent; antennal crest very prominent, ending above middle of hepatic crest; gastro-orbital crest extending over posterior half, or less, of distance between hepatic spine and orbital margin; hepatic crest straight, almost horizontal, distinctly separated from base of antennal crest; fifth pereopod without exopod.


Maximum length: 19.8 cm (TL), common length: 12-15 cm (TL)


Feeds on benthic detritus, polychaete worms and small crustaceans


The major products for export to Japan, United States, the European Union and the Middle East are frozen (head-on, headless and peeled in block frozen form, IQF and AFD), chilled, together with several value-added products, such as shrimp pickles, cutlets, ready-to-cook and battered and breaded ready-to-eat. Sizes that are not suited for export are sold in the domestic market.


Gill net, cast net, drag net