Name : Metapenaeus monoceros

Class : Malacostraca

Order : Decapoda

Family : Penaeidae

Description :

Rostrum armed with 9 to 12 teeth along entire dorsal margin, straight, reaching as far as, or beyond, tip of antennular peduncle; postrostral crest reaching posterior margin of carapace or nearly so; adrostral crest ending behind second rostral tooth, adrostral groove behind epigastric tooth; branchiocardiac ridge sinuous, reaching posterior extension of hepatic spine; telson armed only with spinules; a small ischial spine on first pereopod. In adult males, merus of fifth pereopod with a proximal notch followed by a long, inwardly curved spiniform process and a row of tubercles; distomedian projections of petasma convoluted, greatly swollen, bulbiform, directed anterolaterally and concealing distolateral projections in ventral view.


Maximum length: 13.1 cm (TL), common length: 6-10 cm (TL)


Feeds on Small crustaceans, algae, foraminifera?s, small molluscs and organic detritus


Commercially very important, consumed as fresh, frozen and dried form


Gill net, cast net, drag net